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Cuba Skate is a 501c3 nonprofit organization based in Los Angeles and Washington, D.C. Started in 2010, Cuba Skate’s aim is to support and grow the Cuban skateboarding community by providing access to skateboarding equipment that is otherwise unavailable on the island. In doing so, Cuba Skate strives to foster a constructive environment for Cuban youth that will have a positive impact on the greater community.

Our Mission

The Cuba Skate mission is threefold: bring skateboarding materials to the Cuban youth, renovate local skateparks, and create self-sufficiency for a group of skaters that rely tremendously on outside help. Through two-way cultural exchanges, we hope to connect Cubans with the international skate community.


Cuba Skate was started by Lauren Bradley and Miles Jackson, two University of Michigan graduates who participated in a study abroad program in Havana, Cuba. In addition to their time in the classroom and touring the country’s provinces, much of their most influential time was spent with a group of Cuban skate friends. Every day they got to know this group of Cubans on a very personal level, giving them the opportunity to grow as friends and ultimately as an extended family. A key element of this close relationship was a shared passion for skateboarding. This international culture and sport molded Lauren, Miles and these Cuban skaters into a tight unit.

As diplomacy continues to strengthen between Cuba and the United States, we are keen to galvanize this energy and establish sustainability for the island’s skateboarding communities.



  • Skylar Andrews, Creative Director
  • Lauren Bradley, Co-Founder & Director of Operations
  • Miles Jackson, Co-Founder & Executive Director
  • Willem Morin, Vice President


  • Orlando Rosales
  • Ariel Gomez Lago
  • Reinaldo Vicet

Board of Directors

  • Michael Groth
  • Jeremy Gruber
  • Carlos Miguel Gutierrez, Jr., Chairman
  • Paul Jasinowski
  • Collin Laverty
  • Gerardo de Leon

Board of Advisors

  • Anthony Cook
  • Adrienne Ewing
  • John Guinan

Frequently Asked Questions…

Cuba Skate is ​a​​n​ apolitical nonprofit organization working to build diplomacy between ​Cuba and the United States of America. ​ We work in compliance and in respect of both governments. ​We are interested in ​people who are ​willing to​ work​​​​​ ​​with us and the greater community to promote dialogue and exchanges between Cuba and the United States.

Q – ​Where can I find skateboarding in Havana?
​A – Almost anywhere these days!  But for starters, we encourage you to check out Paseo del Prado, one of the city’s primary skateboarding plazas that connects the Capitolio to the malecon.

Q – How can I help!?
​A – ​There are several ways to help out Cuba Skate. You can contact us at to organize a Cultural Exchange, make a skateboard donation, or to donate online, click here!

Another great way to support Cuba Skate is by following us on social media!  Check out our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages to help us share our story with the world. ​

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