Cuba Skate Trips in 2015

We travel to Havana on quarterly trips to deliver skateboarding materials to the island's skaters.  We have successfully journeyed to Pinar del Rio, San Antonio de los Banos, Matanzas, Holguin and various other provinces with skateboarding communities.

Art On Deck

Kennedy Center's #FindingALine Festival: Art on Deck Exhibition

Art on Deck is a unique art exhibition to benefit our non-profit organization, Cuba Skate. The gallery features custom, hand-painted and graphically designed skate decks, available for silent auction. International artists coming from DC, Cuba, Miami, New York, California, and other parts of Latin America have contributed skate decks with their own taste of Cuban flavor. The decks adorn the walls of various gallery spaces, and guests are even offered the opportunity to paint skate decks of their own. The events are complimented with DJ's and short screenings of Cuba Skate's current projects and happenings.


In 2015, Art on Deck will be hosted in Washington, D.C., New York City, Miami, California, and Havana, Cuba.  Stay tuned!

Cuba Skate Vol. 1

See the story of Cuba Skate! Written by Miles Jackson, edited by Joseph Barron, and designed by Oliver Munday.

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