Working together to clean up and build at El Patinodromo. Photo c/o: LIsette Poole


Volunteer with Cuba Skate!  You can jump on board with our efforts in a number of ways.

  1. Participate in a Cultural Exchange: DIY builds, woodworking, & community engagement programs throughout 2017.
  2. Traveling to Cuba? Contact us & we will help you to curate an authentic, Cuban experience where you can simultaneously enjoy the island & give back to its communities.
  3. Encourage your local skate shop & skate community to donate materials to the island’s growing population of skaters.

Thanks to the many volunteers who have supported us over the years!

Skateboarding Ambassadors: Lee Berman | Albert Hernandez | Steve Hernandez | Carly Jacques |

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Pro Bono Contributing Artists, Cinematographers & Photographers: Roberto Cuellar | Andrea Dosouto | John Guinan | Indie184 | Lena Jackson | Rose Jaffe | Zack McKenzie | Lisette Poole | Daniel Sullivan | Yuhmi Collective

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