The Cuba Skate Familia is centered in Washington, D.C. and Havana, Cuba.  We work with Cubans in several provinces across the island, and international volunteers, to support our mission.

Skateboard Ambassadors

We encourage amateur and professional skateboarders, and those passionate about the skateboarding culture, to become Cuba Skate Ambassadors.  In doing so, ambassadors provide their time, skill-sets and resources to benefit our efforts.

As we continue to promote skateboarding diplomacy, we are honored and humbled to have these ambassadors on board with our organization!
  • Skateboarding Shops, Distributions, & Companies Baker Boys Distribution | Bones Bearings | Bureau Skate Shop | Converse CONS | DLXSF Distribution | DLXSF Skate Shop | Dwindle Distribution | Familia Skate Shop | Go Pro | New Balance Numeric | Stance Socks
  • Professional Skateboarders Tabari Cook | Lucien Clarke | Tom Remillard | Andrew Reynolds | Walker Ryan | Arto Saari | Rodrigo Tx | Ishod Wair
  • Pro Bono Expert Advice Georgetown University Law Center | Foley & Lardner, LLP | Raffa Consulting
  • Pro Bono Contributing Artists & Photographers Roberto Cuellar | Andrea Dosouto | John Guinan | Indie184 | Rose Jaffe | Zack McKenzie | Lisette Poole | Yuhmi Collective
  • Volunteers 2010-Present Marcella Aburdene | Ramsey Aburdene | Manuel Jourdain | Benjamin Lagos | Otis Massey | Emmanuel Padilla | Jake Sadoff
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